Henry County Animal Care & Control

Director - Gerri Yoder

Animal Care & Control Director - Gerri YoderA life-long Georgia resident, Gerri Yoder joined the Henry County Animal Care and Control Department in 2006 as the Department’s Director. As such, Gerri is responsible for all aspects of animal control, including the enforcement of Georgia state laws and Henry County ordinances pertaining to animal control and management, as well as overseeing the County’s Animal Shelter which houses and cares for approximately 6,000 animals each year.

Gerri has more than 30 years of Animal Control and Humane Society experience. She has served twice as Chairperson of the Animal Welfare Association of Georgia (AWAG), is a member multiple animal control organizations at both the state and national level. She has successfully lobbied at the Georgia State Capitol for the passage of anti-cruelty laws, responsible owner laws, as well as for Georgia’s current “Dangerous and Vicious Dog” law.

Gerri has been instrumental in the establishment of several community outreach programs in Henry County including educational programs for both children and adults on a number of animal related topics, a twice monthly low-cost spay/neuter clinic, which assists in lowering the number of unwanted puppies and kittens in our community, and a low-cost pet micro-chipping program which provides permanent owner identification for pets.

During her time with Henry County, she worked successfully to reduce the euthanasia rate and increase the pet adoption/rescue rate at the animal shelter by more than 50 percent.