Women's Self Defense Classes

Women's Self Defense Classes

The Women’s Self Defense Program is dedicated to empowering women with knowledge to reduce the occurrence of sexual assault crimes. The program provides effective options by teaching women to take an active role in their own self defense and psychological well-being.

The Women’s Self Defense Program is a comprehensive course that begins with classroom instruction in risk awareness, risk reduction, crime prevention strategies, and defensive concepts followed by hands-on training in physical defense techniques. Class instruction and demonstrations will allow you to decrease your vulnerability and give you a new sense of confidence and personal power. Class activities and discussions are designed to help women identify their risks, evaluate their strengths and explore their options for dealing with the threat of sexual violence.

Physical self-defense is most effective when vulnerable areas of the body are targeted. Some of the skills taught will include multiple strikes to vulnerable areas, as well as escapes from choke holds, body grabs, wrist grasps, and defense techniques from the ground. Physical defense techniques that are easily learned, applied, and retained for all age and skill levels are taught. Students have the opportunity to test their new self defense skills in a simulated and controlled environment. The courses are taught by certified self defense instructors and include a take home-reference manual. The program is not a martial arts program.

The Women's Self Defense Program is offered to women 17 years of age and older. Survivors of sexual assault may take the course to help overcome fears and learn to regain control of their lives. As many students have stated "This program is a wise investment of your time."

Consider These Statistics:

  • 90% of self defense is in the prevention of an attack
  • 90% of crime is opportunistic
  • Acts of violence occur every 15 seconds in the United States
  • Six million American women are beaten each year by their husbands or boyfriends and four thousand of those women are killed.

No men other than self defense instructors are permitted to be present during a class. Children, husbands, and boyfriends are not allowed to attend or observe the program.

Many women want to take part in this type of training, but are concerned about the physical aspects of the course. The instructors take into consideration age and physical condition, promoting the safety of all participants. While no one can give you a 100% guarantee that injury will not occur, consider the following:

  • To prepare for a possible assault, the training must be as realistic as possible.
  • It's better to learn your limits and abilities in a controlled environment instead of in an actual assault.

Women's Self Defense Class - 2021 Schedule

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm

  • July 22-23 (Completed)
  • August 19-20 (Full)
  • October 14-15 (Cancelled)

Please print the application and background consent form and submit in person or by mail to Henry County Police Dept., 108 S. Zack Hinton Pkwy. McDonough, GA 30253.

Classes are open for citizens that live or work in Henry County and are held on Thursday and Friday from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. Each class is a 2-day session with different training at each class. Classes in the session are held at the HCPD Headquarters Training Room.

Entrance Requirements 
Applicants for the Women’s Self Defense Class must meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum age of 17
  • Live/Work in Henry County
  • No prior felony arrests or crimes of moral turpitude
  • No misdemeanor arrests within six months of the application

Selection Procedure

The class is free of charge but students are selected through an application process. The names of the selected candidates are placed in the class until the maximum number is reached. Remaining applicants are then placed on a waiting list. Enrollment is limited to approximately twenty students per session.

For more information or to register for one of these sessions please contact Joni Miller at jmiller@co.henry.ga.us or by phone at 770-288-8285.