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Everything you need to know about the 2021 Henry County TSPLOST referendum

If approved by voters, a TSPLOST is expected to generate $245 million for transportation projects.

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City County TSPLOST Projects

Project List

The 2021 Henry County TSPLOST project list is a product of months of collaboration between Henry County and the cities of Stockbridge, McDonough, Locust Grove, and Hampton.  As of July 19, 2021, all four municipalities and the county have voted to approve a final list that is:

  • Transparent
    • The public can follow along every step of the way
    • Planners believe that the projects are deliverable under the projected budget
    • Consideration has been given to immediate needs but also to those with an eye towards future growth
    • The projects are not just road construction. They also include trails and sidewalks.

To explore the full lists below:

Fairview Road Widening
Bill Gardner Parkway Widening
SR 81 Widening Phase I
Rock Quarry Road Widening
Mill Road Widening
Jonesboro Road Widening
McDonough Parkway Extension
Resurfacing Projects
E. King, McDonough, and Rosenwald Intersection
Elm Street from E. Main to Bridge Mill Drive
Barham Street
Central Avenue
Elm Street
E. Main Street from HWY 20 N to City Limits
College Street
Lower Woolsey Road
McDonough Street
Hampton-Locust Grove Road and McDonough Street
State Route 42 and Bethlehem Road
State Route 42 Congestion Relief
Resurfacing Projects
State Route 42 Extra Lane
Bill Gardner West Enhancements/Widening
Bikeway/Pathway Network
South Zach Hinton Pkwy from Commerce Street to Bryan Street
Bridges Road to Simpson Street
Geranium Park at Highway 155/Judy Drive
State Rte 42 from Highway 42 N to State Rte 138
Turner Church Road at State Route 20
State Rte 20 at McGarity Rd and Lawrenceville St
Veterans Drive (North) to Oak Park
McDonough Parkway to Bridges Road
State Rte 81 from Postmaster Dr to North Bethany Rd
Racetrack Road at Iris Drive
State Route 155 from I-75 North to State Route 42
Racetrack Road at Travis Road
McDonough Pkwy from Hwy 155 to Turner Church Road
Jonesboro Road Park
Alexander Park West Trails
State Rte 20 from Turner Church Road to Dual Roundabout
West Alexander Park and McDonough Parkway
State Rte 155 N from Lawrenceville St. to Turner Church Road
Avalon Park
Old Griffin Road
Peach Drive
Burke Street
Tye Street
Davis Road
Old Atlanta Road
MLK Sr. Heritage Trail, Spur Trail to Floyd Church Baptist
MLK Sr. Heritage Trail, Green Front Cafe
Continuation of MLK Sr. Heritage Trail
Brush Creek Trail
Love Street
Rock Quarry Road Widening
Rock Quarry Road Extension
Hudson Bridge Road/Eagles Landing Pkwy
Country Club Drive
Walt Stephens Road Trail
Campground Road
Potential Trailhead Location w/Reeves Creek Trail Link at MLK Sr. Heritage Trail
Downtown Pedestrian Bridge
Reeves Creek Trail Extension
Davidson Parkway

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a TSPLOST?

TSPLOST stands for Transportation Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. It is an additional sales tax on goods and services, to be approved by the Henry County voters in a referendum, to raise money to fund transportation projects, and nothing but transportation projects, in Henry County and its municipalities.

How Much will TSPLOST Cost?

The proposal is a one percent (1%) additional sales tax on top of Henry County’s current sales tax rate of seven percent (7%). This will mean paying eight cents, instead of seven cents, for every dollar of goods and services purchased. A 1% additional sales tax is expected to generate approximately $245 million over the proposed five-year duration of this additional tax from 2022 to 2027.

Where will the Money Go?

One percent (1%) of the estimated $245 million to be raised will be retained by the State of Georgia, as required by law, to defray the state’s cost of administration. $3 million will cover Henry County’s management and administration of the TSPLOST program. The remainder of the funds will be used to pay for a list of transportation projects developed by Henry County and the cities of Stockbridge, McDonough, Locust Grove, and Hampton. For a full list, click here.

How do I Vote?

Election Day is Tuesday, November 2, 2021. All ballots will have the TSPLOST question included. To check your voter registration status or to find your local poll location, please visit https://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/MVP/mvp.do

More Questions?

Please email Melissa Robinson, Public Information Director of Henry County, at mrobinson@co.henry.ga.us.

Continuing Growth

Henry County, like many counties throughout the state, has utilized special funding options for critical transportation and capital improvement needs. The TSPLOST would be a successor to SPLOSTS I-V, all of which you can learn more about on the County’s website by clicking here.

SPLOST V is currently ongoing in Henry County and:


  • Is expected to generate $204 million through 2025
  • Will fund the construction of several new facilities including the Henry County Aquatic Center, three new fire stations, a public safety complex, three new police precincts and a recreation center
  • Allocates more than $97 million to a series of intersection improvements, road resurfacings and widenings, and sidewalk repairs

To learn more about each specific project from SPLOST V and track progress towards completion, click here and use the drop down menu to navigate.

Henry County Population 1821-2021

Campground Road Extension Intersection

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