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Curbside Recycling

Beginning June 1, 2009 Residential Waste Haulers operating in unincorporated Henry County will be required to offer curbside recycling to their customers.  Below, please find the information we received from three of these companies currently doing business in Henry County.

Acceptable Items

  Rover ADM CLM All South

Milk Jugs

Glass X X X  
Metal/Alum. Cans X X X X
Soda/Water Bottles X X X X
Newspaper X X X X
Cardboard X X X X
Magazines X X X X
Phone Books X X X X
  • All recyclables may be mixed together (Co-Mingled) in the noted container
  • All bottles, cans and jugs must be rinsed out and free of food waste
  • No household waste of any kind may be included with recyclables
  • All companies offer weekly pick-up. 

Type of Container

  Rover ADM CLM All South Robertson

Clear or Blue Recycling Bags
(Resident Provides)

X X X  
(Company Provides)
X1   X X

1 Customers have the option of purchasing a blue 95 gallon recycling bin for $60.00.

When to Place Items

  Rover ADM CLM All South Robertson
Same day as Garbage pickup   X X X
1st & 3rd Mondays east of Hwy 42; 2nd & 4th Mondays west of Hwy 42 X      


  Rover ADM CLM All South Robertson


$5-10/mo.1 $2 per bag2 $6/mo3 $15/qtr.
Garbage Collection $46/$53/qtr. $30 per quarter2 $45/qtr. with roll cart $36/qtr. with roll cart4

1 Rate will depend on customer's address. Beginning January 1, 2011, pay as you throw program offered. Details here.

2Applicable for participants in ADM’s curbside recycling program only.  There is an 8 bag minimum per quarter of recycling. ADM customers must call each time they require a pick-up of recyclables, or they may opt to request a regularly scheduled pick-up, which may be as often as weekly.

3 Please contact CLM to notify them that you will be recycling if you are not currently doing so.

4 New customers only, for first year of service.



Company Phone

Rover, Inc.

ADM 770.914.7695
CLM Sanitation: A Waste Industries Company 770.474.9273
All South Robertson 678.432.1670


Questions or Comments? Call the Recycling Hotline: (770) 288-7SWM

Last updated: Tuesday December 21 2010

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