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Consolidated Justice Group

Consolidated Justice Group

Mission Statement

To collectively create an adaptable, seamless, useable, and secure integrated information system of allowing courts, law enforcement and other governmental agencies to communicate and share timely and accurate information. This will facilitate the efficient use of personnel and public resources, increasing accuracy, reducing redundancy of efforts. These efforts will help in improving public service, as we strive to enhance public safety and promote justice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is HCCJG?
The HCCJG is a working group of professionals representing agencies involved with the Henry County Justice system with the common goal of facilitating the efficient use of personnel and public resources, increasing accuracy, reducing redundancy of efforts, and improving public service, to enhance public safety, and to promote justice.

Why was the HCCJG formed?

  1. Public Safety
  2. Efficiency
  3. Growth

What progress has the HCCJG made to date?

  1. Data sharing between PD and State Court
  2. Jury information sharing between Superior and State Courts
  3. Access to Sheriff’s warrants database by other agencies
  4. Automated transmittal of 911/CAD info to Crimes database

What specific goals are HCCJG working towards?

  1. GCIC Conversion Project (a. GLEN Network)
  2. Justice Information Exchange Model (a. Mapping Business Processes)
  3. On-Line Traffic Payments via the Web
  4. Grant acquisition
  5. XML Data Translation

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