Henry County State Court

DUI/Drug Court

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Henry County DUI/Drug Court is to enhance public safety and promote healthier lifestyles for substance abusing repeat offenders. The Court combines increased supervision and accountability with effective and intensive treatment, thereby reducing recidivism.

What is the DUI/Drug Court?

The Court has developed a program to give its participants the necessary tools and support needed to modify their lifestyles to become productive, sober and law abiding citizens.

The Program includes weekly reporting to probation; random and routine drug and alcohol testing; home visits by a surveillance officer; reporting weekly to the Court; exhaustive therapy; and curfew hours.

Included in the Program are incentives for timely completion of tasks and sanctions for failure to follow the program rules.

Judge Ernest D. Blount presides over the weekly court and staffing sessions to ensure all participants are in compliance with the program rules while monitoring their progress.

The DUI/Drug Court Team consists of the following members:

  • Ernest D. Blount, Judge
  • Lynne M. Policaro, Coordinator
  • Sydny J. Jones, Case Manager
  • Michelle Ferguson Sewell, Office of the Solicitor General
  • Gilbert Crosby, Office of the Solicitor General
  • Courtney Stewart, Office of the Solicitor General
  • Alix Little, Lister & Holt, LLC.
  • Angelic Muhammad, Treatment Provider, HCCC
  • Brad Byrd, Treatment Provider, HCCC
  • Jacqueline Coral, Sentinel Probation Services
  • Deputy Troy Jones, Henry County Sheriff’s Office Surveillance Officer

Learn About The DUI/Drug Court Program

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