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Risk Management

Risk Management strives to serve county government through the reduction of liability risks, as well as ensure a safe working environment for county employees. Risk Management accomplishes this objective through the provision of risk assessment, safety awareness, and internal analysis services.

The Risk Management Director for Henry County administers the County's property and casualty insurance program, administers various liability matters relating to the County and its employees, and provides loss control services.

The Risk Management Director for Henry County also coordinates administration of the Workmen's Compensation Program as the Safety Officer.

Primary Roles & Responsibilities

The County Safety Officer's primary duties and responsibilities are to:

  • Investigate Workman's Compensation injuries and vehicle accidents
  • Coordinate day-to-day administration of pending insurance claims
  • Identify risks and unsafe working conditions
  • Coordinate with departments to eliminate workplace risks and associated liability risks to visiting customers
  • Conduct safety inspections of county workplaces, buildings and facilities
  • Performs safety training (safe driving skills, CPR, Highway flagging, etc.) to county departments
  • Perform county vehicle safety inspections and follow-up recommendations

Last updated: Friday August 15 2014

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