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Stormwater Management


Beginning January 2, 2017, MS4 permittees will be required to use the 2016 Edition of the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual (February 2016) as the “latest edition”.

The manual is available in the following link: http://documents.atlantaregional.com/gastormwater/GSMM-2016-FINAL.pdf

Georgia EPD Declares Level 1 Drought Response, Encourages Water Conservation

Persistent dry conditions have prompted the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) to declare a Level 1 Drought Response in 53 counties, including Henry County. A Level 1 Drought Response declaration means local water utilities in the affected counties will be required to begin a public information campaign to help citizens better understand drought, its impact on water supplies and the need for water conservation.

More information is available in the following PDFs:

Henry County Stormwater Management Henry County Stormwater Management Henry County Stormwater Management
To effectively and efficiently manage stormwater runoff and protect the safety, property and environmental quality of unincorporated Henry County.

Henry County is required by law to comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Stormwater NPDES Phase II Permit Program. This program requires that all regulated communities, including Henry County, prepare stormwater management plans to control runoff of stormwater from both point and non-point pollution sources.

The Henry County Stormwater Management Department (HCSMD) was established in 2004 and is responsible for the development and implementation of stormwater pollution abatement projects within unincorporated Henry County.

Under the Federal Clean Water Act (Adobe Acrobat PDF Download the overview of the act.), each county and municipality throughout the nation is issued a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit. The goal of the permit is to stop polluted discharges from entering the storm drain system and local waterways. The Henry County Stormwater Management Department's pollution abatement projects are designed to meet the requirements of the NPDES Permit

The Stormwater Program has two major elements — Reduce Pollution and Flood Control. Pollution Abatement involves compliance with federal regulations, and in essence, constitutes the model program components (i.e., Public Education, Inspection/Enforcement, Illicit Discharges/Illicit Connections, Program Compliance) while Flood Control is essential for the protection of life and property.

A major focus of the program is the control and elimination of stormwater pollution through compliance with the NPDES municipal stormwater permit. Henry County is currently in its first year of a five year cycle.

Last updated: Tuesday February 14 2017

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