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March 3 2012

Henry County Fiber Update:


RFP Responses

Below are RFP responses received:



Physical Addresses for Entity Network Operations Centers

Questions received through Friday 6-4-2010

Click Here to View (PDF)

Fibere optic Meeting Notes For 5-28-2010

Meeting Notes 5-28-2010 (PDF)

Attendee List (PDF)

Request For Proposal Documents 5-21-2010

5-21-2010 RFP Document (Final) (PDF)

Appendix A (Excel)

Appendix B. Future Land Use (PDF)

Purchasing Department


Questions for clarification of Scope of Work

Please click here to download the Q/A Document (PDF)

Thank you to everyone who sent in comments and questions during the public comment period. We will be posting all comments, and responses to questions by Monday, May 17, 2010 on this page. Please stay tuned for the RFP announcement, no later than Wednesday, May 19, 2010”

Request For Proposal

Many parties have expressed a desire to participate in the RFP (request for proposal) process related to delivery of network services to Henry County government facilities, and economic development strategy as to Broadband Access in Henry County, Georgia. The following documents are being made available in DRAFT format, for a period of one week for public comment. Please send all comments, suggestions, etc. regarding the following documents to crainer@co.henry.ga.us. All comments are due in no later than May 14, 2010 at 5:00 pm. All comments will be posted here following the May 14th deadline, along with responses (if any). No questions will be answered during the public comment period. A Pre-Proposal conference will be held, and date announced at a later time, as indicated in the final RFP document. The complete RFP is expected to be issued no later than May 19, 2010, with responses due back by June 16, 2010 no later than 12:00 noon, or as indicated in the final RFP document.

The following items are ready for public review and comment:

RFP Document (Final) (PDF)

Appendix A (Excel)

Appendix B. Future Land Use (PDF)

Update on Fiber Initiativedate on Fiber Initiative

On Monday, February 1, 2010, Allen Davis of Rural Broadband LLC presented the findings of the county commissioned Fiber Optic Feasibility Study and Business Plan to the Henry County Board of Commissioners during its regular Workshop Meeting.

As stated by Mr. Davis during the meeting the Fiber Optic Network Plan is both Financially and Operationally Feasible, and a recommendation to proceed was presented. The next step recommended was for the BOC to approve a resolution which would have allowed for reimbursement of the cost of the study plus a 90 day period for county staff to conduct a more comprehensive due diligence process in regard to operational cost and financing/bonding of the project.

During the presentation of the study’s findings the Board of Commissioners asked many valid questions related to the project. Following the workshop meeting, Henry County Staff determined that a vote was not warranted at this time in order to proceed; thus the resolution related to the fiber study was removed from the February 2, 2010 agenda. Rather than seek reimbursement for the minimal funds used to conduct the fiber study, staff and leadership believed the best use of information gleaned from the study was to fully publicize the data (including all supporting information created in the course of the project). All information relative to the project was made available on the County web site shortly following the workshop meeting. Hopes are that the private sector will be able to use the information, recognize the need for better fiber optic infrastructure in Henry County and act upon the information provided. In fact, meetings have been held with several potential private sector providers to encourage their input and interest.

One of the major reasons this fiber initiative and feasibility study was undertaken was to enhance already strong economic development efforts and for the retention and support of existing business in Henry County. The Board of Commissioners recognizes the negative effects a lack of Fiber Optic infrastructure has had on attracting new and diverse business to the County, but has indicated the need for more information prior to proceeding with the plan outlined by Rural Broadband, LLC during the February 1st meeting. So the fiber optic project continues as the Henry County Technology Services staff compiles the more complete, additional information as requested.

The next step to be taken by HC Tech Services will be to issue an RFP (Request-For-Proposal) in order to compare the latest capabilities, pricing and interest level of the private sector providing expanded data service to our community. This will allow the Board of Commissioners, and other interested parties, the desirable opportunity to compare all feasible options. The RFP should be complete with responses in no later than May 1, 2010. Proposals from this effort will be presented to the Board of Commissioners shortly thereafter so that the best comparative decision can be made using the most current, relative and quantified information possible.

Overall, the Fiber Optic Initiative and Feasibility Study has been a success. Henry County staff is moving forward, gathering additional information, validating financial assumptions and answering questions raised by Commissioners regarding the Study and Business Plan. Staff will present recommendations to the Board of Commissioners following the return of the RFP. Necessary considerations will include a preferred organizational structure, most efficient financial structure, and/or whether to pursue a government owned network, private provider solution, public/private solution or other solution to the core business problem of lack of fiber infrastructure in Henry County. We thank you for your support of and interest in this process so critical to the future of Henry County.

All information, including documents, the full business plan, executive summary, emails, etc. associated with the project over the past ten years can be found at the bottom of this page.

Fiber Optic Feasibility Study

Henry County held a Public Involvement Meeting on October 8, 2009 to discuss the feasibility of installing a county-wide fiber-optic cable network.  The meeting was the first step in a feasibility study on the fiber-optic opportunity for which the County has contracted with Rural Broadband, a Savannah-based consulting firm, to complete.  Future meetings will be scheduled and will be announced here on this page.

A fiber optic network is expected to dramatically improve service for government entities by providing 10x current network speeds and 100 MB Internet speeds for the school system, courthouses, county and city government buildings, the Henry County Water Authority, and other government agencies, while simultaneously saving taxpayers money by decreasing these entities’ expenditures on telecommunications services.  In addition, such a network would assist Henry County in accomplishing its economic development goals by helping to attracting technology intensive business to this community and ultimately, higher-paying jobs for citizens.

“Throughout the process, we want citizens to share their needs, concerns and hopes for this project so that we can adequately address these issues as we examine the feasibility of this project moving forward,” explained Clark Rainer, Henry County Technology Services Director.  As part of the study, all opportunities and concerns regarding these telecommunications enhancements will be considered, including how it could affect all private and public entities, residential consumers of Internet, incumbent telecommunications providers, and mobile communications providers.

The study, which is expected to take up to 45 days to complete, will also provide details as to how much it would cost to lay the cables, and how much money such a network could save the government entities in the long term.  The study cost $25,000, and was funded in part by the Henry County Development Authority ($6,000) and the four municipalities, which contributed $1,000 each.  Henry County paid the remaining $15,000 for the study.


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