Roque Romero, Interim Stormwater Director

Transportation Projects Director - Roque RomeroRoque Romero has served as the Transportation Project Director for Henry County SPLOST Management since November 2008. Before transferring to the SPLOST Management Department in August 2003, he started with the Henry County Department of Transportation in February 2002. Prior to coming to work for Henry County, Roque worked for the Georgia Department of Transportation. He earned his Bachelor of Civil Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology in March 1996 and earned his P.E. (Professional Engineer) certification in December 2006. Additionally, he has achieved Level II Certified Design Professional from the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission.

As Transportation Project Director, Roque is responsible for establishing overall schedules and budgets; reviewing and analyzing plans and construction documents; confirming all development and environmental permitting is secured; ensuring that all projects are completed on-time and within authorized budget; reviewing technical decisions and recommendations made by staff and contracted engineers for quality assurance, general regulatory compliance and adherence to county ordinances, state and federal laws for all Henry County transportation projects.

During his tenure with Henry County SPLOST Management, Roque has supervised the completion of numerous major transportation projects, intersection improvements, bridge improvements and dirt road paving and surface treatment projects.